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Leuven AI Law & Ethics Conference (LAILEC)

The KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP Law is organizing the second edition of its Leuven AI Law & Ethics Conference (LAILEC) – #LAILEC2020. The event will take place on 18 February 2020 in Leuven (Belgium).

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My First International Conference: ISSRE 2019

The first conference is a moment of discovery for a researcher, repaying months of hard work, revealing how the academic world works, and generating new ideas for the papers of tomorrow from discussions with peers. A conference is also a place where industry and academia can meet and join forces to solve problems relevant to both worlds.

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The Case for Safety Analysis

Summarizing, wrong assumptions while designing safety features, cruising in an uncertain and dynamic environment, while blatantly carrying out operational misuse are the prime suspects for the fall of the giant. I call them “The Usual Suspects” as they are still persistent to challenge safety in today’s systems.

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Tianlei Miao, ESR12 (RH Marine)

Tianlei Miao is part of the MSCA ETN-SAS Project as an Early Stage Researcher. The topic of this project is “Assuring Autonomous Sailing from A to B while Minimizing Operational Costs”. The aim is to minimize operational costs by combining a cost-optimization algorithm, a collision-avoidance algorithm, and situational awareness. This research will be conducted at RH Marine and in collaboration ...

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