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Part-of-Speech Tagging using Hidden Markov Models

Parts of Speech (POS) tagging is a text processing technique to correctly understand the meaning of a text. POS tagging is the process of assigning the correct POS marker (noun, pronoun, adverb, etc.) to each word in an input text. We discuss POS tagging using Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) which are probabilistic sequence models.

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SAS participation in ET 2020

Dejana Ugrenovic (ESR4) participated in the virtual conference IEEE XXIX International Scientific Conference Electronics – ET 2020 and presented her paper Designing Out-of-distribution Data Detection using Anomaly Detectors: Single Model vs. Ensemble. After an embargo period, the paper will be available at the website.

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Machine Learning in a Nonlinear World: a Linear Explanation through the Domain of the Autonomous Vehicles

The use of machine learning (ML) algorithms is becoming common in safety-critical autonomous systems (AS) such as autonomous vehicles and advanced robotic tasks. These systems are nonlinear and interact with nonlinear (dynamic) environments, resulting in stochastic outcomes. In this post, we introduce how ML is applied to such dynamic systems, more specifically for the autonomous vehicles, and a first discussion ...

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