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SAS NWE II 30/06 – 03/07 @ Zoom by UoY

From June 30 till July 03, the second network wide event of the MSCA ETN SAS project takes place using ZOOM, by the courtesy of the University of York.

To mix things up, the soft skills and technical training sessions for the ESRs are spread over the first, second and fourth day of the event. The soft skills sessions provide the ESRs with knowledge about Project ManagementDeveloping your goals and taking action every day and Unconscious Bias. The planned technical courses further enhance the insights of the ESRs in the topics of Safety cases for Autonomous SystemsSafety of Machine Learning in Autonomous SystemsHuman Factors and Ethics for Autonomous Systems and Formal Verification of Autonomous Systems.

The afternoon of the second and the entire third day will consist of providing a progress report to the consortium, ESR pitch presentations in which they demonstrate their research progress and further fine-tuning the different technical track in the work packages.

Group picture @ Zoom by UoY

Capture of a soft skills training session

You can access the detailed agenda here.

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