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Luis Pedro Cobos Yelavives, ESR14 (Horiba-Mira)

Luis Pedro Cobos is an early stage researcher for the ETN-SAS ESR 14 project. This research will be conducted at Horiba-Mira and in collaboration with the university of Coventry. His main activity will focus on the dependability (in safety and security) of the autonomous vehicle

Luis Pedro is a Spanish researcher, he graduated as biomedical engineer at the UPC in Spain; and proceeded with a master’s degree in risk management and biomechanics. Furthermore, he also has a master’s degree in project management. He has worked for Volkswagen Group and SEAT in research and development of vehicle safety (both Active and Passive). His interest in the ever-evolving automotive industry and safety, plus the fact that as a biomedical and biomechanical engineer, the protection of human beings and minimizing the injuries in any accident is a must, he drove back to academia and into this PhD.