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Luis Pedro Cobos Yelavives, ESR14 (HORIBA MIRA)

Luis Pedro Cobos is an early stage researcher for the ETN-SAS ESR 14 project. This research will be conducted at HORIBA MIRA and in collaboration with the university of Coventry. His main activity will focus on the dependability (in safety and security) of the autonomous vehicle

Luis Pedro is a Spanish researcher, he graduated as biomedical engineer at the UPC in Spain; and proceeded with a master’s degree in risk management and biomechanics. Furthermore, he also has a master’s degree in project management. He has worked for Volkswagen Group and SEAT in research and development of vehicle safety (both Active and Passive). His interest in the ever-evolving automotive industry and safety, plus the fact that as a biomedical and biomechanical engineer, the protection of human beings and minimizing the injuries in any accident is a must, he drove back to academia and into this PhD.