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Topics SAS NWE IV Problem Solving Session

During SAS NWE IV, there will be a Problem Solving Session. During this session, you, the SAS ESRs, have to opportunity to discuss a certain topic with industry.
Using the form below, you can select your first, second and third preferred topic from the list. Using your answers, the Management Support Team will divide you in 3 groups, i.e. 1 group per topic. The remaining weeks before the NWE, you and your group will discuss the selected topic and will prepare a presentation about your topic and your groups opinion/stance towards the topic.
During the NWE, your group will present the topic using that presentation. Once presented, the other ESRs and attending industry will discuss the topic with you.

The 3 topics to choose from:

  1. Should on-line learning be encouraged or discouraged for autonomous systems? How will explainable machine learning impact autonomous system safety? (On-line Learning)
  2. Safety is often achieved by having some external expert reviewing an artifacts (requirement, concept, software), but this does not scale well for autonomous systems that need to adapt their safety concepts over lifetime. To which degree do you think can we automate the safety processes and engineering? Does your approach require human judgement and if so, how can it be minimized? And what exactly do we mean by dynamic assurance and is it necessary for autonomous systems? (Safety Concepts)
  3. What do you think is the maximum residual risk that society expects for autonomous systems, HAD cars especially? Do you think this value changes with the benefit and comfort such systems bring? And on the other hand: if the media portray autonomous systems as a source of great danger to human life, would that change the perceptions and the result of the legal assessment of a judge adjudicating a case of a defective autonomous system in a car accident where a human lost her life? (Residual Risk)