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SAS NWE IV 03/05 – 07/05 @ Teams by RH Marine and KU Leuven

From May 03 till May 07, the fourth Network-Wide Event of the MSCA ETN SAS project takes place, organized by RH Marine using Microsoft Teams by KU Leuven.

Similar to previous events, the training sessions are spread over the event, being scheduled at the first, third, fourth and fifth day. The technical session provide the ESRs with insights in Autonomous inland shippingSafety, complexity, AI and autonomous systems and Autonomous Vehicles. In the soft skill sessions, our researchers learn about Creative thinking and Win-winnovation.

The second and third day consist of providing a progress report to the consortium, ESR presentations with allotted Q&A sessions in which the ESRs demonstrate and discuss their research progress, and further aligning the different technical tracks in the three scientific work packages.

Special in this Network-Wide Event is a problem solving sessions, in which the ESRs will present their opinion about the three topics and can discuss about these topics with present members of industry partners.

Group photo

The detailed agenda will become available.

More details about the event, in the form of a social blog, are available here.

PS: the event actually started already in the week of April 26, with the sending out and receiving of the SAS mystery boxes. Thanks to RH Marine and more specifically Tianlei Miao (ESR12) for organizing this!

Content of the highly appreciated Mystery Box