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Research yields output: first papers

The lock down is still in force, however, research continues in full swing. MSCA ETN SAS candidates Aleksandr Ovechkin (ESR5) and Hassan Tirmizi (ESR9) had recently submitted their first research outcomes to the international symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, better known as EMC Europe 2020. After a peer-review, we are delighted to announce that Aleksandr has one accepted paper: The Need For and How To Evaluate Continuous Wave Immunity of Wireless Systems used in V2X Applications; and Hassan has two accepted papers: Effects of an External Multi-Harmonic EMI Disturbance on the Transmission Bit Error Rates of a Redundant Channel and Effectiveness of Time Diversity against Multi-Frequency Disturbances under Plane Wave Conditions.

We wish all our ESRs the best of luck in their future research endeavors.