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Special Session UHSAS for ASD 2020!

Special Session on Uncertainty Handling in Safe Autonomous Systems (UHSAS) during the Initiative on Autonomous Systems Design (ASD) of the DATE conference!

Two members of the MSCA ETN SAS consortium, Peter Munk and ESR8 Ahmad Adee from Bosch, are organizing a special session on Uncertainty Handling in Safe Autonomous Systems (UHSAS) during DATE-ASD 2020.

In this special session, there will be three talks regarding uncertainty handling in safe autonomous systems, starting from the domain space via a model-based analysis technique down to uncertainty handling of machine learning algorithms as prominent and relevant system elements. The special session will be concluded by a moderated panel discussion with the three presenters to discuss and elaborate on the differences and similarities of the term “uncertainty” itself, how it is represented and addressed at the respective layer of abstraction, and how handling uncertainty can contribute to the SOTIF (Safety Of The Intended Function) argumentation as well as the overall dependability of the system.

This special session will take place on March 12, 2020 in Grenoble, France.

Find the full program of UHSAS here.