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Advantages of building a Conversational Agent (CA) using RASA Open Source

There are many development platforms to assist developers in building a chatbot quickly and efficiently. There is a trade-off of easiness versus control over these frameworks, where closed source is often easier to use while open-source often provides more control. This blog discusses the open-source RASA framework which provides more control over the development and fine-tuning of ML models.

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How do Neural Networks fit into safety-case scenarios?

Neural Networks are state-of-the-art algorithms for image recognition and classification. In our new blog you can read how do these algorithms fit into safety-case scenarios where mistakes can lead to the loss of human life or to the serious damage to the environment.

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Software Pipeline in Safer Autonomous Vehicles – Part 2

For autonomous vehicles (AV) to perform at par with human ability, we first need to understand human driving behaviour. For simplification, human driving tasks can be broken down into two categories of tasks, i.e., the ‘what tasks’ and the ‘how tasks’, together referred to as the orthogonal tasks. The driving task under the ‘what category’ can be further broken down ...

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