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Vibhu Gautam, ESR 11 (University of York)

Vibhu Gautam is an Early Stage Researcher for the MSCA ETN-SAS Project. He will carry out research in assurance-case structures for machine learning in the decision making of highly autonomous systems. This research will be conducted at the University of York, U.K.

Vibhu has studied System on Chip at the University of Southampton, where he graduated with a Master’s degree in 2010. The thesis for this Master’s was in the area of Machine Learning, titled as “A comprehensive approach of peak detection from mass spectrometer data using independent component analysis”. After finishing University, Vibhu worked as a Data Analyst, first for Mckinsey & Company and later for Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Before his current role as a researcher at the University of York, he was working as a Data Scientist at Micron Memory in Japan where he applied Advanced Machine Learning techniques for improving yield efficiency and predictive maintenance. His keen interest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI&ML) drove him back to academia and into this PhD.